Erika Lynn Hanson’s Initial Encounters: like meets like, glacier and iceberg

Initial Encounters: like meets like, glacier and iceberg
2016, 2-channel video

From his essay “From Things Flow What We Call Time,” Timothy Morton writes: “Ecology is weird because it is the uncanny realization that there were always already other beings. Awareness of ecological beings – a meadow, a city, a coral reef, a microbe – is in a loop”

Initial Encounters explores strategies for establishing relationships between objects— the landscape and that which inhabit it (humans, rocks, trees, water, etc).  The work utilizes performance, video, and textiles to propose a location for dialogue— for a non-anthropocentric social engagement. As a material foundation, handwoven flags serve symbolically as both marker of territory and representative object. Set in the Arctic— the glacial north of Alaska’s Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Icelands glacial lake, Jökulsárlón notions inherent to ice, such as, permeance, state change, and slipperiness meander into the field of questioning. 

Erika’s bio can be found on the About page.


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