Hilary Harp + Suzie Silver’s Obligate Symbionts of Colubus Grand

Obligate Symbionts of Colubus Grand, 2012, 6.4-minute video and 2D animation, created for Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities.

In the solar system 18 Scorpii, located some 45.3 light years from Earth at the northern edge of the Scorpius constellation, two planets have evolved cultures of profound mutual symbiotic reliance. The crystal-like kalataka of planet Janus have a mating cycle tuned to their planet’s orbit around the star 18 Scorpii. Coincidentally, the kalataka are at their most fertile just as the planet Tarzanus is at the point in it’s orbit that brings it closest to Janus.

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