Carla Gannis’s A Subject Self-Defined, 2016

Carla Gannis :: A Subject Self-Defined
Season 4 : Nude Descending a Staircase (top)  Monkey on Your Back, Post-Selfie, Electronic Graveyard No. 2 / The Upload
4K video (looped animation), 2016

Carla Gannis’s A Subject Self-Defined, a collection of large-format looped moving images, takes its title from Joseph Kosuth’s 1966 neon sculpture that spells out and is eponymously titled “A Subject Self-Defined.” Kosuth belonged to a group of artists involved in stripping down the art object, reducing it to ideas and information that were detached from personal meaning. Fifty-one years later, in the age of networked identity and digital dematerialization, Gannis is perplexed by subjecthood and self-definition in relationship to the “personal” when performed publicly.

Gannis’s bio can be found on the About Page.


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